About The Author

Mirthell Bayliss Bazemore was born June 19th, 1964 in Oakland, California. After graduating from Castlemont High School; she immediately began her career in banking while attending Heald Business College. Goal oriented and proud of her family heritage as entrepreneurs, Mirthell is no stranger to hard work. 

Nurturing an extraordinary gift and love of writing, Mirthell has been helping and encouraging others to embrace their creativity, even providing a nationwide network and marketing platform to assist other authors and writers.



Recent years have seen the publishing of a series of novels in "The House of Elliott" which is suited for Netflix.

 In addition to a national promotional tour, Mirthell has completed "Precious Is My Child" which is a anti-bullying awareness book, and Diary of an Elect" her spiritual journey.

Most recently due to her love for children she has published two Christian children books entitled "Look what the Lord made" and "It's Going to Rain" the story of Noah and his family.


In addition to helping others the delight of her fan base is one of her greatest joy.

With books suited for film, television, and theater, Mirthell's career continues to be full of possibilities.


“Making A Difference, One Book At A Time” 

Mirthell Bazemore