House of Elliott V


Over the years, the family's matriarch, Clarice Elliott, has manipulated, schemed, plotted, and even murdered to gain wealth and security in a world of organized crime.

Clarice soon realizes that her beauty can only go so far, and the one she turns to for help when facing a crisis is costing her the most in ways unimaginable. One situation after the other begets another, far worse than the first one, though she always manages to keep her head above water.

Who would have guessed that her allies would one day betray her, using her most personal possession for gain – her naïve daughter, LaVern.

In House of Elliott IV, LaVern, a grieving widow, sees her life descend into a living nightmare because the very person who murdered the love of her life, her husband, Adam, would make her his mistress and would be the only person she could turn to in times of trouble, not realizing there would be a greater price to pay – her innocence, freedom and now her children, which are all under the bondage of mafia crime boss, Paul (Paulie) Casadiano.

The saga continues in House of Elliott V: The Overseer!

House of Elliott VI

The family’s matriarch, Clarice Elliott, would seem to have it all—beauty, money, brains, and admired by some of the most powerful men in organized crime. However, Clarice’s life is far from perfect. As the headmistress of the House of Elliott, she is deeply troubled by the dark cloud that shadows her home after the murder of her only son and after the kidnapping and still missing beloved grandchild. Horrible memories that had once faded away have come back to haunt her years later with her daughter, LaVern Elliott, and daughter-in-law, Lucy Elliott, being the victims. The clever and once conniving grandmother loses ground as she feels even her closest ally, Paulie Casadiano, who is the don of the Italian mafia family, has even conspired against her, leaving Clarice no choice but to turn to the one person she evaded the most, her priest—Father Michael. Suspenseful, romantic, and entertaining is House of Elliott VI: The Undoing.

The Daughters and
Spirit of Harriet

The Daughters and Spirit of Harriet is a collection of poems, short stories, songs and excerpts from donors to honor the late Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela and Thomas Garrett. This literary piece has been written by various writers, artists and authors nationwide to express their love for humanity and willingness to give back, which is the true spirit of Harriet Tubman. Proceeds from this book are donated to one of the largest medical center for children, in Northern California.

House of Elliot

It has been said that "the truth shall set you free". But for Frances Elliott III, it was the beginning of a harrowing journey. Daunted by the dark secrets of his dying mother, Alex Bowles is force to uncover a horrible truth about the woman that raised him. Once reunited with his real mother, he is torn between two evil women in search of his true identity; Alex is introduced into a world that is beyond his imagination. This is a story of love, deception, greed and murder Alex is Frances Elliott III.

 House of Elliot III

After years of being tormented by her mother in law Clarice; Lucy Elliott fights back! Not realizing that her nemesis will soon become her best ally. Overwhelmed by raising children, Lucy hires a nanny to stop Clarice constant interference with her ability to raise her own children. Clarice doesn't approve of this new nanny and warns her of the dangers to come.


On August 8th, 2013 my life changed and will never be the same again. How could someone whom I had known for such a short time command my heart the way he had done? Our lives were to be about two people who would live happily ever after. One where we enjoyed one another; cared for each other's needs in every way imaginable - all of this had been cruelly snatched away. We had planned for six months on how we would transition our lives together, he from his existing partner, and me from my husband of almost thirty years. My worse fear had come to life, I had stepped out of bounds and put my heart, soul and mind on the line - A gamble that I had clearly lost! I had a new understanding of the saying "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder"

On The Backburner
House of Elliot II

After a year of being locked away in Clarice's cold dark cellar to rot, Cathy was given a second chance at life. 

While barely escaping death for the second time, and while recuperating in the hospital, her executioner takes pity on her and convinces her to change her identity and relocate. Cathy takes his advice and changes her identity and name to Lucille (Lucy) Montgomery.    

 House of Elliot IV

In one night, at the hands of a mad woman, everything changed. Our home burned down with all of our material possessions destroyed. A woman, who I entrusted with my children, tried to kill them and my family. My cousin is dead by the hands of this evil person, and the one lady that I despised the most, would be the one who saved us all – Clarice!