Golden Years Adult Food – Is a tastier alternative for seniors!


Due to the rising cost of senior care across the country, the majority of our baby boomers are residing with family members in a household where the care providers are still working.

December 2015 my elderly mother who was residing with me for a brief time was having difficulty chewing and processing solid foods due to her condition which is Alzheimer.  Rather than feeding her baby food which was the only items on the market in addition to soups that she could consume, I would cook special low sodium organic meals for her and puree them. My mother often enjoyed the southern home cooked meals I would prepare for her.

Though I enjoy cooking, there were times when I didn’t feel like preparing a full course meal and wished that there were precooked pureed foods on the market.

Golden Year’s is the perfect solution for seniors and for those who’ve had oral surgery, strokes or bariatric surgeries that require a stage one diet (pureed food).

The flavors are; red beans & rice, black-eyed peas & okra, green beans with potatoes, sweet potato pie and apple pie.

Let’s make life easier on the care provider by offering tasty home cooked meals that is pleasurable to our seniors while making life a tad easier for their providers … Golden Year’s is that product!

Psalm 71: 9

"Do not cast me off in the time of old age;

forsake me not when my strength is spent"

Mother Bayliss